Chris Soranno

Chris Soranno

Safety Standards & Competence Manager - SICK Product & Competence Center Americas, LLC

Chris Soranno is a Functional Safety Expert in Machinery Safety (TÜV Rheinland) and has been dedicated to industrial safety his entire career. During this time, he has worked for manufacturers, distributors and integrators of safety components and systems. Chris has experience working with both equipment suppliers and users in diverse global applications. 

Chris is an active member of numerous domestic standards committees, including industrial robot standards RIA R15.06 and UL 1740 and the industrial mobile robot standard RIA R15.08; SPI B151 standards for the plastics industry; and ASSE Z244 for control of hazardous energy. Chris is a member of many B11 subcommittees, including B11.0 (general requirements and risk assessment), B11.19 (performance criteria for safeguards), and B11.25 (large machines). He was co-chair of the last revision to B11.3 (press brakes) and chairman of the recent revision to B11.20 (integrated manufacturing systems). Internationally, he is also a member of ISO technical committees for robotics, for plastics and rubber machines, metal forming machines, and safety of machinery – including project leader for the upcoming revision of ISO 11161 for integrated manufacturing systems.