Heinz E. Knackstedt

Heinz E. Knackstedt

Safety Specialist - C&E sales, inc.

Heinz E. Knackstedt is Safety Engineer at C&E sales, inc. a distributor of high technology products for Factory Automation. He is responsible for Safety Products represented by C&E sales and their application, as well as training in machine safety circuit design, safeguarding device application, and risk assessment. 

Before joining C&E sales, inc. in 1992, Heinz was employed at General Motors/Delphi. In his over thirty years with GM, he held duties as Sr. Control Engineer, Superintendent of Manufacturing Engineering, Product Manager of Automotive Air Moving Systems and Manager Advanced Process Development.  During this period, he taught at both a Jr. College and at the Continuing Education level of a State University on the topic of automation controls design. 

He is an expert member of both National and International machine safety standards technical writing committees. Currently he is Vice Chair on ANSI B11.19 and seated on B11.0, 20, and 26, He is included in the “List of TÜV Functional Safety Engineers”.