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Robotics Engineer/Architect - Shoreview, MN


PaR Systems

Posted on 10/17/2018


Shoreview, MN USA


PaR Systems is a world leader in the design and development cutting edge software, automation and control systems for Aerospace, Life Science, and Marine markets. We are seeking a Robotics Scientist who is experienced with developing motion machines and the system kinematics for controlling them.  This capability includes knowledge of vision systems, CAD/CAM based motion control, mathematical modeling experience and creating software solutions. The ideal candidate is a self-starter who can balance the expectations of our customers with the demands of creating a maintainable quality solution on schedule and within budget.  

Opportunities at PaR:

This position offers the opportunity to join a rapidly growing high technology company. PaR is a privately held corporation with a demonstrated ability through continuous innovation and new product development to grow profitably and to add to that growth with focused acquisitions. As indicated in the attached values, our hiring and our performance reviews are based on a strong adherence to long standing company values, tied to personal values such as integrity, teamwork, and open communication, and a passion for customers and product excellence. Interest in sophisticated products that improve our customer’s businesses is a must. We have maintained an excellent blend of small company speed, efficiency, and dedication to customer satisfaction and employee success, while implementing ever higher standards of excellence, which has produced a successful technology company with very low turnover. We are working daily to maintain these elements at PaR.



  • Integrity & Honesty: It is who we are and what we do every day that makes us proud to be part of PaR Systems.
  • Customer Driven: We can best meet our client's needs by delivering innovative, high quality solutions as partners.
  • Growth Oriented: Through continuous innovation, we strive to be the leader in our fields and grow profitably.
  • Individual Responsibility: Our corporate success occurs with each individual taking personal responsibility for being the best at his/her job and working together to safely meet client's needs.
  • Open Communication: We demonstrate our respect for one another and our customers through consistent, forthright, and open communications.
  • Developing Our People: The success of the individual and of PaR Systems is a shared responsibility and occurs as each person grows through continual development.
  • Stretch: We will always strive to exceed customer expectations, and our goals for continuous business improvements.

Major Duties & Responsibilities

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Guide the development of custom robotic and automated systems
  • Work in a multi-discipline team to aid in the collection and validation of system requirements
  • Contribute to winning customer proposals which include innovative technical concepts, costing and schedule to successfully deliver the project
  • Create automated high precision guidance solutions using vision and other sensing technologies
  • Provide hands-on implementation and mentoring
  • Provide direction for new automation technologies, vision systems and control methods
  • Detailed design specification generation
  • Aid in the creation of test plans and documentation
  • Develop well documented, maintainable solutions

Minimum Skills & Abilities

Minimal required experience, skills and background:

  • 10 years robotic and/or automated motion design experience, with heavy emphasis placed on relevant and applicable project history
  • BS Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or other related degree program
  • Experience with commercial robotic systems and vision systems
  • Knowledge of robotic kinematics and mathematic modeling of motion
  • Robotic programming background
  • Strong organizational and communications skills
  • Up to 15% travel
  • U.S. Citizen


    Desired experience, skills and background:

  • Experience with product development lifecycle
  • CAD/CAM Experience
  • Experience with Phase-Gate process
  • Mathematical modeling background
  • MS degree


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