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Connecting the Robotics Automation Community

RIA membership has reached its highest numbers and is continuing to grow. Whether you're a robot supplier, integrator, consultant, educator, or user, there are plenty of benefits that will help grow your business.

With RIA, you'll stay connected to the Robotics community. RIA provides you with:

  • Access to thousands of robot industry leaders
  • Educational opportunities to grow in your career
  • Important robot safety standards
  • Industry trends and statistics to keep you informed, and much more.

For Membership questions, contact Sofia Nordenstam.

Membership Categories


A Supplier Member is a company that manufactures industrial robots, robot components and peripherals.

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A System Integrator member is a company that designs and builds automation systems. They are specialists in particular applications and can help you select the right equipment and determine the best system considerations to automate your process.

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A Robotic Automation User member is a company that uses industrial robots or interested in automation processes for their operations.

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A Consultants & Affiliates member is a company that works with companies to help them succeed with their automation investment. An Affiliate member is anyone that acts as an advocate for industrial robots, such as a recruiter or financial institution.

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An Educator/Researcher member is defined as a technical institution or university conducting robotics research or a government agency.

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