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Performance Counts with Weiler Burr-Rx™ Brushes

Weiler Corporation

Weiler Corporation, the leader in nylon abrasive filament brushes, provides the most complete offering of specialty brush deburring tools which feature advanced ceramic-grain filament technology.  Originally introduced in 2008, the Burr-Rx™ product line was recently expanded to include power tube brushes, small-diameter Performance Counts with Weiler Burr-Rx™ Brusheswheels, Bore-Rx™ internal deburring tools, mini-disc brushes, and banded end brushes in addition to large-diameter wheel brushes and shell-mill-holder disc brushes.

The black nylon filaments of Weiler’s Burr-Rx™ brushes are co-extruded with an engineered ceramic abrasive grain, providing cut rates up to 400% faster than silicon carbide or aluminum oxide filaments.  The extreme performance of Burr-Rx™ brushes reduce cycle times by allowing the use of high feed rates and short dwell times, resulting in increased throughput and lower deburring costs. In addition, Burr-Rx brushes can remove burrs that are impossible to remove with conventional nylon abrasive filament brushes.

Ceramic grain Burr-Rx™ brushes are especially well-suited for deburring tough materials such as inconel, stainless steel, and titanium, but with an assortment of filament configurations and product fill densities, there is a high performance tool available for use on practically any material.

Weiler was the pioneer in ceramic abrasive nylon filament technology, and Burr-Rx™ is the industry’s most comprehensive offering of high aggression, compliant brushing tools that address practically any automated deburring need.  For more information as well as guidelines on product selection and operating parameters, please request a copy of our WC670 Solutions Resources Guide or call our toll-free Application Hotline at 1-888-299-2777.

About Weiler Corporation
Weiler Corporation, headquartered in Cresco, Pennsylvania, an ISO 9001 manufacturer of power and abrasive nylon brushes, abrasives and maintenance products, provides world-class service and surface conditioning solutions.

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