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Shape Process Automation releases groundbreaking automated laser cutting device

Shape Process Automation (formerly Tech-Con Automation)

Auburn Hills, MI – Shape Process Automation released its next-generation robotic laser cutting device, Newton, at Great Designs in Steel on May 15,2019 in Livonia, Mich. Designed for use with fiber laser-outfitted six-axis industrial robots, Newton's efficiency and precision provides dramatic cost savings and dimensional accuracy in cutting ultra high strength steel, aluminum and hydroformed metals.

Newton's applications are far-reaching, but its main targeted audience is trimming structural parts within automotive sector. Newton cuts circles, slots, rectangles and hexagon shapes into various metals with never-before-seen speed, accuracy and efficiency. The result is increased overall equipment efficiency and reliability in automated manufacturing systems, with the end goals of process advancements and manufacturing cost reduction.

"Newton increases cutting speeds 60 to 70 percent over existing capabilities, with improved cutting accuracy and a reduction in required floor space," said Christon Manzella, director of business development. "This cutting-edge technology will reduce required labor and program costs while improving manufacturing quality across the industry." 

The device also saves hundreds of hours of programming time with Shape’s intuitive easy-to-use system software suite that enables the operator to quickly adjust both individual and global system offsets.           

Manzella said this next-generation robotic device has the potential for industry-wide advancements. "As a vertically integrated, full-solution provider for OEMs around the world, Shape Process Automation is poised to expand and improve the industry by providing the most technologically advanced tools on the market", he said.

For more information about Newton, including a product demonstration, visit www.shapeprocess.com.  

About Shape Process Automation
Shape Process Automation (SPA), the global leader in robotic cutting processes and industrial automation, provides turnkey three-dimentional robotics cutting and trimming systems for the following industrial applications: plastics, automotive, heavy truck, construction, marine, and home appliance. For more than 30 years, SPA has strategically partnered with manufacturers to significantly improve productivity, cost-effectiveness, quality, reliability and safety, integrating more than 5,000 robotics into systems worldwide. SPA has more than 300 employees and operates manufacturing facilities in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.

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