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IRB 120

ABB Inc.

As the smallest robot from ABB, the IRB 120 offers all the functionality and expertise of the ABB range in a much smaller package. Its reduced weight of only 25kg and compact design enables it to be mounted virtually anywhere, whether it is inside a cell, on top of a machine or close to other robots on the production line. Ideal for a wide range of industries including the electronic, food and beverage, machinery, solar, pharmaceutical, medical and research sectors, the IRB120 joins ABB’s fourth-generation of new robotic technology. The six-axis robot handles a payload of up to 3kg (4kg with its wrist down) and with a reach of 580mm, the robot is able to carry out a series of operations using flexible rather than hard automated solutions. The IRB 120 is the perfect building block to design cost effective applications – especially when space is at a premium.

Model: IRB 120



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