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S8 Sensor

Datalogic USA, Inc.

The S8 photoelectric series offer the most advanced functions for; background suppression, detection of transparent objects, contrast sensors for color mark, in addition to the traditional functions for the detection of opaque objects and for small object detection thanks to the high resolution obtained through the models with LASER emission. A new patented technology is now available for the detection of transparent objects or highly polished objects that may be moving or in a reflective environment. Versions are available in plastic or metal, with LED, to avoid the reflections given by the moving surfaces such as conveyor belts for industrial machinery, or emitting laser to detect small objects on fixed backgrounds also highly reflective. IP69K requirmeents are met using a sturdy metal housing made of stainless steel and carry IP69K protection and certifications for use with most industrial detergents and can be used on automatic machines for the processing of food and beverage packaging and the pharmaceutical industries.

Model: S8



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