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Long Stroke NDZ Welder

Dengensha America Corp.

Dengensha's NDZ welder is designed to have a variety of options that make it the best choice for a variety of welding applications. For example, it is available in four models: spot weld, nut weld with feeder interface, a linear encoder model for nut presence and set down, and a robot cell model complete with linear encoder, a retractable pin and sensors. The NDZ can also be a manual or automatic feed type and ranges in size from 35kVA to 100kVa. Because we do want our customers to have as many options as possible to choose from, Dengensha America is now offering the NDZ welder in a long stroke model in addition to the standard 75 mm stroke. The new 115 and 155 stroke models are designed to handle deep drawn parts or long shank bolts. These new models come with the same benefits, features and simplified, user-friendly technology as the standard model.



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