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NDZ Series Stationary Spot Welder

Dengensha America Corp.

Dengensha’s new NDZ series stationary spot welder features the industry’s most robust, durable frame in a compact size - built to minimize deflection and improves weld quality. It ranges in size from 42kVA to 120kVa and is available in four models: spot weld, nut weld with feeder interface, a linear encoder model for nut presence and set down, and a robot cell model complete with linear encoder, retractable pin and sensors. The NDZ comes with foot or palm start, a built-in step-down transformer, and a new precision weld head that has been redesigned for optimum nut welding and durability. It easily integrates with feeders for low or high volume production and has a user – friendly high efficiency flexible weld control with a maximum of 255 weld schedules available. The entire welder is also more environmentally friendly, with an energy saving adjustable stroke cylinder that emits cleaner air. Dengensha America Corp was established in 1985 as the US sales and service division of the Dengensha Mfg. Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1935 and is headquartered in Kawasaki, Japan. With 75 years of producing world-class resistance welding and fastener feeding equipment, Dengensha’s ability to meet all of their customer’s needs – from a simple one-machine operation to a 100-plus machine production line – is unsurpassed. Their complete line of systems and products sold and serviced include spot, projection and portable welding machines; welding guns; nut and bolt feeders; welding transformers; welding controls, and monitoring and measuring equipment as well as secondary cables and electrodes.



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