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Dynalog, Inc.

The DynaFlex system provides a unique calibration approach for the specific purpose of of FMS applications. Its purpose is to turn an off-the-shelf industrial robot into a precision metrology instrument by running a calibration routine transparently in the background that automatically compensates for any robot deviation with a minimal impact, if any, on the cycle time. The DynFlex solution provides two major capabilities: (1) to guarantee the FMS' repeatability despite any temperature variations or other environmental changes (i.e. "Relative Calibration" or "Temperature Compensation", and (2) to confer true volumetric absolute accuracy to the FMS (i.e. "Absolute Calibration"). An FMS with Relative Calibration allows any changes of a particular production process to be monitored over time. With Absolute Calibration, an FMS goes a step further as it provides "CMM-like" measurement data, which can be compared directly with CAD data. DynaFlex also offers the ability to automatically recover the FMS from a "crash" or routine repair of the robot and/or sensor - with little or no operator intervention! Compaired to traditional metrology methods, an FMS generally offers shorter measurement cycles, increased measurement flexibility, 100% inspection capability, and durability for plant floor environments.



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