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EPSON G-Series SCARA Robots

EPSON Robots

EPSON's G-Series SCARA robots give you the ultimate power of choice. Featuring over 300 models in sizes ranging from 175-1000mm in length and payloads up to 20 Kg, there is guaranteed to be a perfect fit for your application.  Leading the industry in feature-set, performance and variety, the G-Series robots are backed by EPSON's world-class reliability.

The smallest model in the Series, the G1, offers a 1 Kg payload and 175-225mm of reach.  Next in line, the G3 features a 3 Kg payload and 250-350mm of reach.  In the middle of the Series is the G6 which offers 6 Kg of payload and reach ranging from 450-650mm.  The second to largest robot in the Series is the G10 with a 10 Kg payload and 650-850mm of reach.  The G20 is the largest robot in the G-Series and boasts an impressive 20 Kg payload and 750-1000mm of reach.


  • Best in Class Cycle Times and Motion Range
  • Reduced Residual Vibration for Faster Accel/Decel Rates
  • ISO Clean and ESD Compliant Models Available
  • Includes EPSON RC180 or RC620+ Controller and EPSON RC+ Development Software for the Ultimate in Ease-of-Use

Model: G1, G3, G6, G10, G20



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