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RC620+ Open Architecture PC Based Controller

EPSON Robots

EPSON is the industry leader in the area of PC based controls for Industrial Robots and Workcell Control. The EPSON RC+ Control Software is easy to learn and use as well as extremely powerful. EPSON RC+ Development Environment has all the features you would normally expect in an advanced Control System. With features such as 32 task multi-tasking, real time scheduling, integrated source level multi-task debugger, color syntax checking editor, control of multiple robots from one controller, variable data types and the ability to extend the SPEL+ programming language with user created DLL's (to name a few), EPSON RC+ is a favorite among power users that need to get their applications finished fast. At the same time, beginning or novice users also like EPSON RC+ controls software due to its simplicity and intuitive interface that is quite simply the easiest robot control software to learn and use. EPSON's new RC620+ PC Based Controller is the 5th generation in a long line of PC based controls from EPSON Robots that started well over 10 years ago. The RC620+ is capable of controlling up to 4 SCARA robots, 3 Six Axis robots or 2 SCARA and 2 Six Axis Robots... Up to 20 axes total...ALL FROM ONE CONTROLLER. It comes standard with a 2 GHz Duo Core Processor from Intel, 1 GB of memory, a built-in Ethernet port, standard 120GB Hard drive (optional solid state disk), and much much more. With three available PCI slots customers can add in their favorite card and use it with their robot application. Customers are using sound cards, special I/O, communication boards, Firewire, and many more to expand their RC620+ controller as they need it for their particular application. This is truly the Power of Choice which is what EPSON is all about. But of course what really makes their RC620+ controller great is the EPSON RC+ Control Software. With ease of use that is second-to-none combined with the power and real time performance required for even the toughest jobs EPSON RC+ is the preferred control environment for both beginners and seasoned professionals alike. No wonder customers keep coming back for more as Epson continues to build on an already great PC based platform. Have Epson send you a catalog to download (use RFQ).

Model: RC620



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