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CMT Twin


With the outstanding weld properties of CMT, CMT Twin scores particularly well with its high welding speed and simple process control. The various process combinations provide a broad range of possible applications for CMT Twin. The advantages of the individual processes, such as high gap bridgeability, less spatter and good fusion penetration with the pulse process, are combined here into a Twin process to guarantee the highest levels of productivity. This newly synchronized system and its process technology is unique on the marketplace and ensures an extremely stable arc from the start of welding to the filling of the end crater. The best-ever self-regulation system for the welding process. In addition to the high benefit levels, the energy efficiency is a winner in its own right. This is achieved through the low heat input and the fact that the combination of pulse and CMT permits deeper fusion penetration to be achieved with the same power levels. With CMT Twin - the combination of two power sources, one welding torch, two isolated contact tips and the outstanding weld properties of CMT - Fronius promises the highest levels of productivity and cost-effectiveness.



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