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WeldCom 2.0 - A Fronius and Yaskawa Motoman Interface Development


In the past, robotic welding interfaces have been cryptic and difficult to set or modify process parameters.  The welding personnel even had to make many adjustments at the power-source.  This is no longer the case with WeldCom 2.0.  Fronius and Yaskawa Motoman have worked together to develop this extraordinary breakthrough in the world of robotic welding.  The WeldCom 2.0 interface is only available with Motoman’s latest DX200 controller and the Fronius TPSi (using Mobus TCP communication protocol).           

WeldCom 2.0 allows access to process libraries, arc start and end conditions, display of live welding parameters, modifications to process parameters, and the capability to adjust new Fronius TPSi features such as Arc Length Stabilizer and Penetration Stabilizer.  All of this is done through Motoman’s teach pendant. 

The Fronius TPSi power-source produces superior weldments by monitoring and adjusting the arc 200 times faster than the previous Fronius TPS line of power sources.  There are also new options for welding processes such as Pulse Multi Control (PMC) and Low Spatter Control (LSC).  The Motoman DX200 controller features many improvements including a Small, lightweight programming pendant with a color touch screen and multiple window display capability.  Combining these two incredible technologies with a superior interface will help reduce set up time, increase production, and improve weld quality. 



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