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Güdel 3-Axis CP Gantry Modules

Güdel, Inc.

Güdel 3-Axis CP Gantry modules are configurable for many applications

  • Area Gantry module with aluminum vertical Z-axis mounted to an X-axis which is perpendicular to the Y-beam (ie; used for front loading of machines where limited X-stroke is required)
  • Five module sizes, each right-sized to support various payload ranges
  • CP modules can be configured with multiple independently driven and/or linked X-beams
  • Configurable Y, X and Z lengths and strokes based on application requirements
  • Payload capabilities from 10kg up to 400kg
  • Built with Güdel components which include; Guideways, Gear Racks, Gearboxes and Rollers
  • Automatic Programmable Lubrication System is a standard feature
  • Energy Chain is a standard feature, supporting customer supplied high flex cables
  • CP Y-beam can be configured to protect for ease of future extension
  • Optional rotating axes at the end of the Z-beam
  • Güdel Application Support provides assistance in module sizing, gearbox selection, motor selection and leg design and configuration


Model: CP Series



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