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Güdel TrackMotion Overhead (TMO)

Güdel, Inc.

Güdel TrackMotion Overhead (TMO) modules can be configured for many applications

  • Linear Motion Module which can be combined with many make and model robots
  • 4th Generation design which builds on the learning of thousands of units in the field
  • Four module sizes, each right-sized to support specific groups of robots
  • Three configurations allow for ceiling, wall and elevated mounting of the robot
  • Sized and designed to handle the dynamics of robots in full payload, full speed and e-stop conditions
  • Standard lengths from 3 meters to 100 meters, in 1 meter increments
  • Built with Güdel components which include: Guideways, Helical Gear Racks, Gearboxes and Güdel exclusive Roller Bearing Cartridge System
  • Standard robot carriage design combined with robot specific adaptor plates allow quick adaption for mounting different robot bases
  • Automatic Programmable Lubrication System is a standard feature
  • Energy Chain is a standard feature, supporting customer supplied high flex cables
  • Modules can be configured with multiple independently driven carriages and/or linked carriages
  • TMO beams can be configured to protect for ease of future extension
  • Güdel Application Support provides assistance in module sizing, gearbox selection, motor selection and leg design and configuration
  • Güdel Global Support has a team of qualified technicians available 24/7


Model: TMO Series



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