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General Motors

The first electric car that runs on more than electricity... Volt is unique among electric vehicles because you have two sources of energy. You have an electric source–a battery–that allows you to drive gas–free for an EPA–estimated 35 miles. And there's also an onboard gas generator that produces electricity so you can go up to a total of 375 additional miles on a full tank of gas. So advanced, it's simple... If you can drive, you can drive a Volt. Instead of turning a key, you push a blue button. Rather than looking at dials and needles, you check two interactive LCD screens for feedback based on your particular driving style. Charging for about $1.50 per day on average... It doesn't get much simpler than that. For less than the cost of a latte, you can fully charge your Volt and drive an EPA–estimated 35 miles gas–free. Choose a standard 120V charging kit that allows you to plug into a conventional electrical outlet and fully charge the battery in about 10 hours, depending on climate. Or opt for an available 240V charging station that reduces your charging time to approximately four hours.



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