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Intelligence Center

Genesis Systems, IPG Photonics Company

Your Workcell Management Solution Benefits

  • Intelligence Center is specifically designed for robotic automation workcells. A key advantage is your information is composed of data from your workcell controls and robot controllers vs. only a single component of the workcell. Th is intelligence is combined and presented so you can make quick, smart decisions maximizing the performance of your investment.
  • Have a critical machine down situation? Intelligence Center's Virtual Remote Support is online and ready. Genesis Technical Support Staff can connect and be "virtually" onstie immediately assisting you by viewing system control software, live robot teach pendant, alarms and transfer programs/files.
  • Robot programs and core system files are backed up and securely stored for you automatically. Rest assured knowing your invested time and cost of programming won't be lost.
IntelligenceCenter feature suite
  • Workcell uptime/downtime reporting
  • Production monitoring/reporting
  • Automatic robot file backup and storage
  • Workcell status email/text message alerts
  • Critical robot parameter tracking
  • Weld parameter tracking
  • Welding performance statistic data
  • Alarm history/frequency reports
  • Virutal remote support/diagnostics
  • Multi-language interface
  • Online documentation/schematics/manuals
  • 3-month historical data
  • Smart phone/table apps
  • Easy to use web interace. Login from anywhere
  • Upgrades are automatic



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