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Harmonic Drive Gear

Harmonic Drive LLC

True Zero Backlash precision gears units and gearheads are available in a variety of sizes, ratios and configurations including Hollow Shaft versions which allow cables or shafts to pass through the center of rotation. Our Lightweight Gear Units provide outstanding Torque-to-Weight ratios while delivering zero backlash and positioning accuracy better than 1 arc-minute.

Harmonic Drive® gearing utilizes a unique operating principle which is based upon the elastic mechanics of metals. The greatest benefits are the zero-backlash characteristics and the weight and space savings compared to other gears because our gear mechanism consists of only three basic parts. They are the: Wave Generator, Flexspline andCircular Spline.

This simple three element construction combined with the unique operating principle allows extremely high reduction ratio in a very compact and lightweight package. Neither the size nor weight of the gear vary with the reduction ratio. The high performance attributes of this gearing technology including zero backlash, high torque, compact size, excellent positional accuracy and repeatability are all a direct result of the unique operating principle.

Model: CSF CSG



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