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Rotary Actuator, Hollow shaft

Harmonic Drive LLC

Super-flat hollow shaft actuators with high torque, high positioning accuracy and high torsional stiffness. Peak torque 39~820 Nm, max speed 22~96 rpm. 

These rotary servo actuators utilize Harmonic Drive® precision gears combined with a performance matched brushless servo motor and incremental encoder. The FHA has a low profile form factor and features a hollow shaft through the center of the output. This hollow shaft feature may be used to pass cables, tubing or lasers through the axis of rotation.

The FHA series is designed to operate with a wide range of third-party drivers, as well as Harmonic Drive LLC’s DDP Series, DEP Series, and RTL Series.

Key Features:

  • High torque
  • Large center through hole
  • Compact cylindrical design
  • Availability of a series of multifunctional control units
  • Driver Communication - DDP & RTL (CanOpen®), DEP & REL (EtherCat®) & HA-800 (available for MechatroLink™ and CC-Link®)

Harmonic Drive® rotary actuators deliver both high force and outstanding positional accuracy. Harmonic Drive manufactures our own cross roller bearings, harmonic and planetary gearing, state of the art brushless servo motors and encoders. By having complete control over the design of these critical elements, we have designed the performance matched components needed to develop extremely compact actuators with the highest power density while incorporating unique features such as a hollow shaft. Performance matched precision gearing, motors, and encoders are designed to provide a power dense, cost effective solution.

The availability of these complete servo actuators eliminate the need for machine designers to individually select a motor and gearhead as well as the effort needed to characterize its expected performance. Our highly reliable and performance tested servo actuators and Servo Drives are the fastest means to get your machine design up and running.

Model: FHA



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