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Zero Backlash Lightweight Gear Unit

Harmonic Drive LLC

Building on the success of Harmonic Drive LLCs current CSF and CSG gear units, new lightweight versions were the next logical evolution of the product lines.  Achieving weight reductions of 20-30% without any reduction in torque ratings, the CSF-LW and CSG-LW  gear units provide exceptional torque density.

CSF/CSG-LW Precision Lightweight Gearheads

Ideally suited for robotic applications, the new CSG-LW and CSF-LW gearheads are 30% lighter than previous designs without reducing the torque rating or significantly changing interface dimensions. The CSG high-torque gearhead delivers 30% more torque and 40% longer life with zero-backlash, 1 arc-min accuracy, and ±5 arc-sec repeatability. A high capacity cross roller bearing and output flange is used to support the driven load. A wide variety of sizes and reduction ratios are available with peak torques ranging from 450 in-lbs. to 60,500 in-lbs.

These new gearheads are ideal for designs where weight is a critical factor.

  •  Zero backlash
  •  Compact design
  •  High-torque capacity
  •  High stiffness
  •  High-positional and rotational accuracies

Model: CSF-2UH-LW and CSG-2UH-LW



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