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Intelligrated robotic each picking

Honeywell Intelligrated

Robotic each picking solutions from Intelligrated®, now part of Honeywell, bring the benefits of automation to precise, repetitive picking tasks. They combine the speed, flexibility and precision of manual pickers with the superior scalability, accuracy and efficiency of automation. Capable of handling multiple product types and sizes at high volumes, these solutions allow operations to adapt to changing order profiles, SKU proliferation and other common e-commerce fulfillment challenges.

The end-of-arm robotic tooling combines both vacuum and gripper pick capabilities to adapt to object shapes for reliable, accurate picks. It uses vision and sensor feedback to learn with every grasp and improve with every pick. It uses an advanced model-free vision technology that does not require items to have been previously scanned prior to picking and works across packaging changes. This enables quick, easy introduction of new SKUs, ideal for diverse e-commerce inventories and split-case retail distribution.

Intelligrated leverages deep experience developing and integrating customized robotic solutions and advances in robotic vision, perception, motion planning and grasping to maximize robotic each picking capabilities. By combining this robotic experience with an extensive background in order fulfillment solutions, Intelligrated delivers innovative, highly efficient systems. 




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