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Introducing: Robotmaster a CAD/CAM Software for Robots

Hypertherm Inc.

MONTREAL, QC, Canada, November 1, 2007 – Jabez Technologies introduces Robotmaster Version 2.1 – a CAD/CAM programming software for 6-axis robots. Robotmaster is ideal for all applications including trimming, de-burring, de-flashing, dispensing, grinding, and mold machining. By using Robotmaster, users get the cost-efficiency and flexibility of robots and the ease of programming with CAD/CAM tools typical of CNC Manufacturing. Some features and benefits of Robotmaster are: • Create simple or complex robot trajectories accurately without teaching points; • Full 6-axis programming and posting of robot ready code; • Special tools assist in avoiding singularity and help to work around reach limitations; • Special parameter screens allow for input of robot specific parameters for off-line code generation; • Simulation of robot or entire manufacturing cell; ability to check for collisions, reach and joint limit issues; • Fully integrated solution inside Mastercam; no need to switch back and forth between different software tools; • Single solution compatible with multiple robot manufacturers. Some common benefits of using off-line programming are: freeing the robot for productive use, faster programming of more complex trajectories, trajectories are truer to actual shape of part, automated generation of robot programs, and generate trajectories that are impossible to teach using on-line methods. Robotmaster seamlessly integrates robot programming, simulation and code generation inside Mastercam, delivering quicker robot programming. Robotmaster® is a product of Jabez Technologies. Jabez Technologies specializes in dedicated software solutions for industrial automation, manufacturing and robotics, developing applications and value added solutions in the CAD/CAM domain since 1997. For more information, visit http://www.robotmaster.com. Robotmaster is a registered trademark licensed exclusively to Jabez Technologies Incorporated.

Model: Robotmaster Software



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