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TK Series Tool Changers

IPR Robotics, LLC

IPR Robotics offers a wide range of Tool Changer sizes for use with industrial robots and linear gantries. These Tool Changers provide safe, fast, reliable and repeatable tool changes for tools weighing from 2 lbs. up to 2,200 lbs. A variety of pneumatic and hydraulic line configurations are available to meet the tool requirements of each application. Stainless steel versions are available for food, pharmaceutical and medical applications.

Also available for our Tool Changer family are IP-65 sealed electrical connection options including SUB-D and Military style connectors. All of these can be quickly coupled and uncoupled with tight repeatability and high reliability over long durations and high duty cycles.

The Robot Side has an ISO mounting pattern to fit the robot flange directly, without an additional adapter plate. The locking mechanism, with cone and several hardened balls, generates a high holding force and is failsafe even with loss of air pressure because of the spring behind the Locking Cylinder. The Tool Changer compensates for misalignment at pick-up by as much as 1/8”: once the Robot Side is about 1/8” distance to the Tool Side firing the Locking Mechanism will pull up the Tool and lock it, thus allowing for faster cycle times.

For more product information: click here. For Tool Changer pdf brochure: click here.

Model: TK Series



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