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ABB FlexArc Robotic Welding Cells

ABB Inc.

FlexArc® robotic welding cells are complete robot systems available in several flexible and versatile standard modular packages, designed to bring competitive advantages where just-in-time production, exceptional product quality, process reliability and manufacturing flexibility are crucial.

All standard FlexArcs feature one or two robots (but can up accommodate up to four robots) and a workpiece positioner and are installed on the common platform, providing shorter commissioning times and the ability to easily relocate the cell within the production facility. The cells are equipped with centralized power distribution with all components powered from one source.

Additional features:

  • Optical Seam Tracking: An ABB software option that allows the robot to make weld path corrections on-the-fly.  The laser-based optical triangulation sensors perform a non-contact measurement of the joint profile, refine the garnered joint information, and then forward the joint information to the robot to generate the necessary weld path corrections. Optical tracking sensors can also send additional joint information to the robot, providing the end user numerous process benefits including on-the-fly adjustments to weld travel speed, wire feed speed, and weave shape and size.
  • Bullseye 2 Calibration Torch: BullsEye® 10 provides completely automated Tool Center Point (TCP) definition for the IRC5 robot controller, and supports new welding tools in addition to MIG welding torch configurations. Concentric cutting tools may also be used where the stick-out is defined as the distance from the cutting tip to the part surface.
  • Virtual FlexArc and the new Arc Welding PowerPac 2: Every FlexArc comes with one year of RobotStudio®, ABB’s virtual commissioning and simulation software, and the new Arc Weld PowerPac 2 with Virtual Reality programming capability.

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Model: ABB FlexArc



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