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Pre-Engineered Welding System

KC Robotics, Inc.

The KUKA Ready Weld 200 cell from KC Robotics provides an economic solution for small to medium size parts produced at medium volumes. Its key advantage is the ability to change the tooling on one of the tables while the other remains in production. Dual welding stations eliminate wait on rotation of a turntable and reduce the total time required to weld a part.

 To reduce installation time, the system arrives on a common platform for the robot and weld stations. The KRC4 controller and weld system are mounted on a smaller control skid and only take a few hours of installation time before they are operational.

The twin station approach is designed for welding parts with a separate workflow that may require different fixtures. The twin station approach is also the key to increased productivity since the robot is welding on one station while the operator loads cycle on the other. The door/arc screen protects the operator from the robot as well as the arc flash. 

Ready Weld Systems are built with KUKA robots to a standard that delivers savings on time and money. They use the minimum when it comes to floor space. Ready Welds are based on a modular system of standard components which meet requirements of the general and automotive industry.

Model: RW200



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