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KeMotion – Build Your Own Robot for Packaging

KEBA Corporation

KeMotion is the open robotic control platform from KEBA that enables you to build and optimize your own robot with off-the-shelf controls technology.

Support for over 40 kinematic models, along with advanced features for multi-robot pick and place, palletizing, integrated vision, and much more, provide you with the building blocks to create world class robots from your own mechanical designs. In addition, PLC functionality is included on the same platform, making your robotic and handling systems more seamless and cost effective.

Optimized for Packaging
The KeMotion system is optimized for packaging applications. This translates into innovative technology that can be leveraged in your own robot. For example, multi-robot operation with look-ahead path planning helps you build a more productive and flexible pick and place system, with lower maintenance and energy costs. Our palletizing configuration tools and control libraries help you easily design and build your own robotic palletizing system. KeMotion also provides integrated vision with pick and place configuration tools, helping you build a vision guided pick and place system in record time.

Robot Kinematics
Out-of-the-box for support for over 40 kinematic models, including delta, articulated arm, SCARA, and Cartesian, provide you with the building blocks needed to get your own robot up and running very quickly. For highly custom systems, KEBA can work with your team to provide a custom kinematic model.

Simplified Product Changeovers
Functionality for robotic teach, along with our market leading teach pendants, make it easier for your end users to change products in the field. No need to reprogram the machine as required by conventional control systems, with KEBA you can simply teach new points.

Machine Control
Full machine control is combined on the same platform with the robot controller, including PLC, HMI, motion control, and I/O. Since the robot controller and PLC operate within the same shared memory space, synchronization between the two sides is seamless and real-time. Upfront design and hardware costs, as well as ongoing maintenance costs are minimized due to the streamlined common platform.

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