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KeTop T20 (eco and techno) - The powerful compact panel

KEBA Corporation

The newest and smallest addition to the KeTop family offers even greater freedom during mobile operation.

  • Versatile and therefore cost-efficient. One device for: Machine control, Teaching Visualization
  • Fastest in the compact class due to an OMAP3503 processor (ARM Cortex A8)
  • The maximum availability derived from robustness
  • Compact, ergonomic, low-weight design for comfortable, fatigue-free working
  • An unlimited number of keyboard layouts on a single device provided by a freely programmable OLED display keyboard with tactile keys (techno)
The successful KeTop family has been supplemented by the KeTop T20, a small, lightweight, one-hand operating device with maximum performance. Your benefits:

OLED technology for optimum legibility KeTop T20 terminals dispose over high-performance OLED displays, which are also available as a touchscreen option. Such displays are extremely energy-efficient and due to their high contrast, offer outstanding legibility. This brilliance permits maximum resolution, allowing the presentation of large amounts of information on a compact screen. Application-optimized design

KeTop T20 is an extremely compact, lightweight device, which can be operated with one hand. This means that the other is constantly available for process support activities. The devices can be equipped with a diversity of optional, application-oriented operating elements, e.g. key switches, push buttons, hand wheels, potentiometer and axis selection switches, which allows them to be precisely adapted to every application. Comfortable, fatigue-free left- and right-hand operation

Low-weight, compact and ergonomic design facilitates comfortable and fatigue-free operation. The devices are equally suitable for leftand right-hand operation and can be precisely matched to the hands of the respective user by means of an adjustable strap. Software flexibility Limitless application design is available. Teach or start-up applications can be realized in Visual Studio or in KeStudio ViewStandard (Java). Moreover, not only are remote solutions possible but also standalones using an IEC run time system. Perfect and rapid integration

KeTop T20 operating devices are supported by serial RS-232-C or RS-422-A interfaces and Ethernet as a standard feature. In addition, they can be linked to widely used bus systems such as CAN, ROFIBUS and RT-Ethernet protocols such as EtherCAT, Sercos III etc. Safety as a standard feature

All the safety circuits are of dual circuit design. The threeposition enabling switches can be operated lightly and therefore recognise user cramp and panic reactions. In response, machinery is reliably put into a safe mode.

Model: T20



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