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SILVYN® Protective Conduit Systems

Lapp USA

Lapp's SILVYN® Protective Conduit Systems are flexible, strong, durable and suitable for use in various industrial applications. They are resistant to acids and solvents and are available in a halogen-free version. SILVYN® conduit is also available in steel-reinforced constructions: PVC, PUR, and metal. SILVYN® RILL PA

SILVYN® RILL PA is a continuous flex, non-metallic corrugated conduit. It is resistant to liquids, oils, and gas, and highly resistant to acids and solvents. High flexibility makes it an excellent choice for machine and plant construction where frequent flexing and bending is required. It is also for use in controls, moving machine parts, motor and internal connections, and in industrial, medical, or electronic applications. SILVYN® FD-PU
SILVYN® FD-PU is designed with a PVC-insulated spiral steel spring and a PUR jacket to provide a durable continuous flexing conduit. It is halogen- and cadmium-free, and resistant to oils, gases, UV, acids, and alkalis. It is suited for cleanroom applications, harsh environments, automated machines, and switchgears due to its protective PUR jacket.

Model: SILVYN® Protective Conduit Systems



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