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Safety Laser Scanner

Leuze Electronic, Inc.

The ROTOSCAN RS4-4E is a non-contact optical area scanner. Like a radar laser scanners permanently scan the complete field of work in an angle of 190° and a radius of several meters and so monitor a two-dimensional area. Within this work area independent detection and warning zones can be programmed with PC software. Persons entering the detection zones will be detected and an emergency stop signal will be generated for machinery. The applications of the ROTOSCAN RS4 4E are the protection of persons by vertically safeguarding danger points and access as well as danger area guarding at stationary machines and mobile systems. Models Include; RS4-2E: 2m danger zone with configuration plug RS4-4: 4m danger zone RS4-4/A1: 4m danger zone, AS-i Safety at Work RS4-4/P1: 4m danger zone, PROFIsafe RS4-4E: 4m danger zone with configuration plug RS4-4E/A1: 4m danger zone, configuration plug, AS-i Safety at Work RS4-4E/P1: 4m danger zone, configuration plug, PROFIsafe

Model: RS4



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