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AutoGuide MAX-N High Bay

AutoGuide Mobile Robots

The AutoGuide MAX-N High Bay is an autonomous counterbalanced forklift that brings automated efficiency to high bay racking and picking operations. The MAX-N High Bay is designed to work in aisles as narrow as 150 inches and has a 2400 pound payload capacity. It can travel at up to four miles per hour and  lift an array of pallet types to a maximum height of 36 feet. With smart pallet and rack finding capabilities, the MAX-N High Bay can recognize and pick a desired pallet from a stack of pallets. Smart pallet sensing technologies include pallet rack detection, pallet detection, and payload presence awareness.

The Max-N High Bay works seamlessly with existing warehouse infrastructure so there’s no need to invest in new racking systems or pallets, and installation can be complete in weeks. Like all AutoGuide autonomous mobile robots (AMR), the Max-N High Bay features high-tech LiDAR scanners and SLAM technologies that map the facility in real time for no-tape-required navigation and obstacle detection—even in low-light conditions. AutoGuide AMRs travel along a network of approved, predictable paths to decrease workplace risk for employees in shared workspaces. Non-contact collision avoidance technology protects employees and built-in sensors detect overhung obstacles for safer autonomous lifting in narrow aisles.

The MAX-N High Bay is part of AutoGuide’s innovative, patent-pending modular autonomous mobile robot system designed to maximize fleet flexibility and uptime. The MAX-N High Bay is one of multiple high-payload adapters designed to fit the MAX-N Base AMR. With a change of adapters, the Base AMR is converted from a high bay forklift to a pallet stacker or tugger. 

AutoGuide’s MAX-N High Bay can help decrease risk—for both employees and product—and increase speed by automating putaway and retrieval operations in warehouses that maximize storage with high bay racks.



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