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AutoGuide MAX-N Pallet Stacker

AutoGuide Mobile Robots

AutoGuide MAX-N Pallet Stacker is an autonomous counterbalanced forklift that can pick and place pallets from the floor level, conveyors or racks up to 5 feet high. Standard payload capacity is 1,770 lbs. (800 kg), with a high capacity version for up to 2,650 lbs. (1,200 kg). With its smart pallet finding capability, the MAX-N Pallet Stacker can pick pallets that have been displaced from their expected location. The vehicle sensors will identify the pallet, its location and orientation, and then dynamically re-plan a travel path for a successful pick. It can even recognize and pick a desired pallet from a stack of pallets. The vehicle design is compliant to ANSI safety standards with non-contact collision avoidance for both forward and reverse travel.

AutoGuide MAX-N Pallet Stacker is built on AutoGuide's Base AMR. This modular system allows an AutoGuide MAX-N Base AMR to be converted from a pallet stacker to a tugger or high bay AMR as facility workflows change with the season, driving down costs while offering the industry’s best lead-times. The modular design helps drive down costs and enables AutoGuide to offer the industry’s best lead-times.

AutoGuide SurePath fleet control software orchestrates the movement of a full fleet of autonomous mobile robots. Under the supervision of SurePath, the optimum vehicle will be allocated to a transport task and its path will be dynamically planned to provide the fastest delivery. The vehicle will travel along a network of allowed paths throughout the facility. Operators can feel safe that the operation is predictable and repeatable. They can safely coexist with AutoGuide AMRs and never be surprised by the vehicle behavior.

More than a pallet stacker, it’s a pallet tracker. With smart pallet finding capabilities, the MAX-N Pallet Stacker can pick a desired pallet from a whole stack of pallets. It can even hunt down a pallet that’s not in the expected location.



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