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AutoGuide MAX-N Tugger

AutoGuide Mobile Robots

AutoGuide Mobile Robots MAX-N Tugger is a high payload autonomous mobile robot (AMR) tugger, capable of transporting up to 15,000 pounds. AutoGuide MAX-N Tugger can be deployed for multiple manufacturing and warehouse material handling tasks. Typical applications within industrial manufacturing include feeding materials or sub-assemblies to work cells, moving product through the manufacturing process, and transporting finished goods. Tuggers are also commonly used in distribution centers to transport products between the shipping docks and storage areas.

AutoGuide MAX-N Tugger is built on AutoGuide's Base AMR. This modular system allows an AutoGuide MAX-N Base AMR to be converted from a tugger to a pallet stacker or high bay AMR as facility workflows change with the season, driving down costs while offering the industry’s best lead-times. The MAX-N Tugger extends AutoGuide’s family of advanced high-payload industrial AMRs that are easy to deploy and program, improve safety, reduce costs and increase efficiency for a wide range of material handling operations.

AutoGuide SurePath fleet control software orchestrates the movement of a full fleet of autonomous mobile robots. Under the supervision of SurePath, the optimum vehicle will be allocated to a transport task and its path will be dynamically planned to provide the fastest delivery. The vehicle will travel along the optimum path among the network of allowable paths throughout the facility. Operators feel safe that the operation is predictable and repeatable, so they can safely coexist with the industrial robots and never be surprised by their behavior.

AutoGuide tuggers are currently operating at Fortune 500 companies in both industrial manufacturing and distribution center facilities, including Pactiv, Ford and Husqvarna.



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