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Bag handling suction cups


The BL40-5 suction cup provides strong, secure grip on even the most difficult-to-handle bags due to unique cup design. PIAB’s BL40-5 suction cup features a long, stable bellow and an elongated, thin sealing lip with wide diameter for increased working area. This provides a flexible solution that reduces changeover as the cups can handle a variety of bag sizes, shapes and dimensions. Featuring high initial flow, the BL40-5 offer quick gripping speed and is suitable for level adjustments. Made of silicone material that complies with FDA standards, PIAB’s new bag handling suction cup can come in direct contact with food items in top loading applications. With a wide temperature range of -76°F to 392°F, the cup easily and effectively handles dozens of products including bags of frozen food. Designed with a thick bellow, the BL40-5 is ideal for handling heavy bags like those filled with liquid, viscous content or dense food items. The sealing properties of the cup compensate for leakage, allowing end users to avoid dropped products, preventing waste and designing a more efficient handling solution overall. A diverse array of bag materials and food products can be handled, including food that is porous or has rough or uneven surfaces. Available in a 40mm size, this innovative suction cup can be used with a number of vacuum pump solutions from PIAB. The silicone material is also easy to clean, reducing maintenance costs and improving user friendliness. There will be 30mm and 50mm size cups available soon in this style.

Model: BL40-5



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