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Action® Robotic Finishing Cells

Vulcan Engineering Co.

Action® Automated Custom Finishing Cells to provide fast, reliable, consistent product finishing. To optimize the gate removal process there are several things that should be considered. Many of the following items apply to both manual and automated gate removal. Automation of highly labor intensive areas help maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Robot programming for gate removal is normally a relatively simple task, but it can consume a considerable amount of time as more castings are added to the cell. A bit of planning, combined with the right tools, can minimize the downtime involved in programming for new parts. A flexible cell can accommodate a large variety of parts.

The cell is only as good as the equipment around the robot. A thorough analysis of the scope of work will determine whether the cell is best configured as “part-to-tool” or “tool-to-part”— that is, whether the robot carries the casting or the cutting tool. We will work with you to determine the most efficient finishing system within the cell.

Model: Custom Robotic Cutting and Grinding Cells



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