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Mayser Robotic Skin - Cobotic Solution

Mayser USA

Mayser has developed a skin for cobotic applications that has 3 levels of safety protection. The basic level of protection is the foam base of the skin that absorbs energy in the event of an impact. The middle level of protection is based on a tactile sensor that is integrated within the skin to shut the robot down in the event of human contact with the robot. The top level of protection is a capacitive material within the skin that allows the robot to have 360 degree sensing around the arms to avoid contact with a human if the robotic arm gets close. The Mayser Skin can be provided with chemical-resistant surfaces and the tactile sensor can be provided as normally open or normally closed. 

In the medical technology industry, our collision protection systems are used in many successful applications. Thanks to our custom design and high-quality surfaces, the sensors blend almost invisibly into the overall look of the medical devices. The extremely fast reaction of the collision protection after it has been triggered protects both medical staff and patients from pinching or impact. 



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