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mp LM-1 Laser labeling system

Murrplastik Systems, Inc.

Murrplastik introduces the mp-LM 1, a laser labeling system that allows you to realize abrasion proof quality labeling on a wide variety of base materials. The mp-LM 1 can be controlled and operated via USB port or ethernet and a PC by utilizing the proven ACS software.

With its low inital cost, plus minimal operating and lifecycle costs, the mp-LM 1 is ther perfect labeling system for companies with medium to high volumes of labeling wor and high standards regarding the quality of the label produced.

The mp-LM 1 is able to automatically label ID plates for wires, cables, terminal blocks, control panels, signaling equipment, switchgear, media devices and more.

The flexible, automated processes of the mp-LM 1, suitable for the various Murrplastik materials, are the highlight of this inexpensive laser labeling system. The PC / PP materials are stacked directly into the hopper. Aluminum, stainless steel and laser foil materials are fed into a magazine via a special carrier plate.

Lasting labels are created because of carbonization and results in high durability when exposed to:

  • UV
  • Acid
  • Oil
  • Mechanical stresses
  • Extreme environmental influences




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