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Pre-configured Geared Bearing Solution

Nexen Group, Inc.

Zero Backlash Gear and High Capacity Bearing in One Package

New online Product Selector tool simplifies selection and ordering

The new Geared Bearing package comes complete with a zero backlash gear mounted and dialed in on a precision grade high capacity bearing. Nexen’s Geared Bearings are available in a wide variety of sizes and gear ratios, and preconfigured for fit, form and function, for easy integration into any precision rotary motion application.

Nexen’s new Geared Bearing Product Selector tool makes it quick and easy to select the gear needed. Customers simply adjust online sliders for torque, gear O.D. size, accuracy and gear ratio requirements. The tool instantly shows all the options that fit. OEMs also have easy access to STEP files and specifications. Nexen holds bearings in inventory and gear raw material on hand, so bearings are available for fast delivery.

Nexen Geared Bearings offer unmatched mechanical system capabilities, including:

  • High Indexing Precision: As low as ± 30 ArcSec with repeatability as low as ± 5.0 ArcSec
  • Zero Backlash: Based on Nexen’s RPS technology, the Geared Bearing offers a rigid, zero backlash system
  • High Output Load Capacity: Supported by precision grade, high load capacity cross-roller bearing
  • High Speed: Handles speeds up to 632 RPM




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