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Nidec Minster ExoGrind

Nidec Minster Corporation

The Nidec Minster ExoGrind system integrates the human operator and industrial robot together like never before. In the foundry environment, the chipper and grinder role has traditionally been very hard for humans to endure due to the high level of vibration and force to the body. To solve this, industrial robots have been integrated into the foundry to perform material removal. This works well for high volume and low mixture of parts. For foundries with a high mixture of meduim to large parts, fixturing and programming present a barrier that makes it difficult to justify traditional robot systems. 

The ExoGrind system utilizes a haptic feedback wireless hand crontoller to move the robot in realtime. This allows for unlimited flexability to adapt to castings of any shape, size and location. With the use of a force/torque system, the operator can feel how hard they are pushing on the casting via the vibration feedback in the controller. The system can operate in fully manual mode or semi-automatic mode where the robot is positioned by the operator and an automatic process is called from the hand controller. 

Chipping and grinding is an art that takes much experience to do well. With ExoGrind, you can retain that knowledge while reducing injuries and strain on the operator. 

This technology can be adapted to cutting, grinding, sanding, polishing, welding and many other applications.

See ExoGrind here:

For more information or to request a demo, please contact Nidec Minster:

Phone: +1(419) 628-2331

Email: sales@minster.com

Model: ExoGrind 1.0



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