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Tapeswitch Corp: Non-Contact Safety Switches for Guarding Monitoring Gates, Doors, Enclosures

Tapeswitch Corporation

Tapeswitch Corporation HE Line of Non-Contact Safety Switches and Multiple Guard Monitoring Control Unit For Monitoring Gates, Doors, and Enclosures.

Farmingdale, NY - Tapeswitch Corporation

 Release 09-15-2014 :

Tapeswitch Corporation offers several lines of non-contact safety switches  for machine guarding and monitoring of doors, gates, and enclosures in industrial sectors, such as robotics, metalworking, packaging, paper,  and in commercial sectors in global markets.

Solid State, Single Point Safety Switches For Machine Guarding 

The new HE line features the the latest coded magnetic, fully encapsulated, solid state, single point switching non-contact switches with built in, dual color, LED status indication that are avialbel in ABS resin filled or stainless steel housing in two sizes HE1 (smaller switch) and HE2 (elongated switch) or the HED- (Double Switch). The HED switch reduces the amount of wiring for multiple gates and reduces the brackets needed for mounting the switches. The switches offer a CAT 4, SIL 3 PLe safety performance level. The switches have 2 N/O and 1 N/C bi-directional solid state outputs. The solid state outputs offer simple series connection. They offer a 7mm switching distance and can approach on each other from most angles. The HE switches are IP67 rated.

Multiple Gate Machine Guarding – Controller Option

When combined with the single SCU-1 control unit, it is a multiple guard system,  capable of monitoring up to 30 switches in the series at a CAT 4, SIL 3 PLe safety performance level.

Model: Non-Contact Safety Switches - Guard Monitoring



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