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Series EGRK Parallel Electric Grippers

PHD, Inc.

The Series EGRK Electric Gripper brings a new level of performance in electric powered gripping devices. The unit provides exceptional gripping force and moment capacities all in a simple “Plug and Grip” package. High precision jaw movement is maintained over the entire life of the unit using a patent pending, ultra rigid - wear compensating, jaw guidance system. The pre-programmed controller is optimized to operate the Gripper at maximum speed and grip force at any position within the jaw travel. PHD’s Series EGRK Electric Gripper combines performance, precision, and ease of use at an affordable package price!

  • Available in three sizes with four variations per size, the heavy duty design provides high grip force and large moment capacities.
  • Simple easy-to-use “Plug and Grip” electric grippers. No programming needed at customer site.
  • Available with a motor controller in a DIN rail mountable enclosure.
  • The controller is pre-programmed to operate the gripper at maximum speed and grip force, and grip at any jaw position within the total jaw travel.
  • Low electric power consumption, operating on 24 VDC power supply.



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