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Series GRR Guardian® Heavy Duty, Long Jaw Travel Parallel Pneumatic Grippers

PHD, Inc.

The Series GRR Guardian® Gripper provides high grip force and is available in long jaw travels (150, 200, 250, & 350 mm). The unit's rugged design and jaw construction can withstand high impact and shock loads. This new heavy duty gripper is designed for robust part gripping and performs with precision in even the most demanding industrial applications, including centering and registration of heavy parts, small engine block manufacturing, automotive wheel rim manufacturing, foundry applications, and many more!

  • Robust design provides high grip force and large moment capacities with low overall weight and withstands high impact and shock loads.
  • Double acting for internal and external gripping, and unique dual air-passage piston rod design promotes rapid bore pressurization for short cycle times.
  • Three large diameter jaw guides spanning the length of the gripper provide stable jaw travel, long allowable tooling length, and high moment capacities.
  • Synchronizer is enclosed to protect the mechanism from debris, and non-synchronized and independently controlled jaws allow flexibility for diverse applications.
  • Optional Rodlok locks the jaws in a stationary position in the event air pressure is lost.



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