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COAX Vacuum Solution for Reliable Plastic Bag Handling


PIAB, a global leader in industrial vacuum technology, introduces a new COAX® vacuum solution for quick and reliable handling of plastic bags. The new package combines PIAB’s most powerful vacuum pump, the P6010, with the company’s air-saving Cruise Control (PCC) option and new BL40-3P Polyurethane, dual durometer suction cup. Specifically designed to address the core needs of plastic bag handling, this solution is ideal for packaging applications in the food, pharmaceutical, personal care and medical industries. Until now, bag handling with suction cups has been a very challenging task, resulting in regular errors and machine stoppages. The flexible design of this new COAX®-based solution delivers higher process reliability and increased machine uptime because it alleviates the need to halt production at every new product encounter. At the heart of the plastic bag solution is the P6010 vacuum pump. Based upon the COAX® multi-stage ejector technology, the P6010 provides up to 40% more flow than conventional vacuum pumps, while still reducing overall energy consumption. In order to optimize performance for plastic bag handling, the P6010 is equipped with PIAB’s air-saving cruise control option, which automatically maintains a pre-set level of vacuum to ensure a consistent and reliable vacuum level is provided at the suction point. At its point of suction, the plastic bag solution features PIAB’s new BL40-3P suction cup, made of DURAFLEX®, a strong, durable and elastic material with excellent sealing capability. With its better sealing capabilities and stronger, more stable bellows, the BL40-3P also allows applications to run at higher speeds. The larger inner neck diameter and specially designed high flow fitting allow the high initial flow needed for a secure grip. Also, the BL40-3P increases flexibility, as the suction cup is more pliable and better able to handle a variety of different size and shape plastic bags.

Model: BL40-3P Suction Cup & P6010 PCC Vacuum Pump



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