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Miniature Vacuum Switches


A new series of pre-set mini vacuum switches, VS401x, from PIAB is now available for ordering. The VS401x range has been developed to offer the market reliable vacuum switches in a compact format and low weight at a competitive price. The main applications are for using pumps and suction cups in decentralized vacuum systems. Several vacuum switches can be of great importance to get a safe decentralized vacuum system. VS401x can easily be connected to PIAB’s “ultimate” decentralized system, VGS™3010 and the P3010, but it is also compatible with many other PIAB products. Vacuum switches should be used to increase the safety and control of a vacuum system, and should be installed as close to the suction cup/point as possible for best system performance. The small and low-weight VS401x series offer great possibilities for good system solutions. The VS401x series are vacuum switches with one pre-set digital output. Pre-set vacuum switches are recommended to avoid, for instance, unwanted switching-point changes caused by operators. The switches have an M8 3-pin male connection plug and the output functions are PNP NO, PNP NC or NPN NO, NPN NC, all depending on how the plug pins are connected. The connection plug makes it easy to change the switch without the trouble of having to dismount the whole cable. Three different pre-set switching points are available, 9.0, 15.0 and 21.0 –inHg, and the vacuum connection comes as a push-in connector with a D=6 mm or a male G1/8” thread. A powerful built-in red LED that is visual from a distance indicates whether the switch is active or not. The protection classification is IP65 and field tests have proven that this new generation of mini vacuum switches is less sensitive to rough ambient conditions and dusty environments than the previously launched model.

Model: VS401x



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