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Crossmirror 5/2 Safety Valve

Ross Controls

Building upon the convenience and flexibility of the existing Series 77 CROSSMIRROR® 5/2 double valve family, ROSS is pleased to announce the addition of a size 0 model. A perfect solution for shearing, forming, cutting, clamping, pinch-point, two-hand control (ISO 18351 Type 3 C) and cylinder return-to-home position applications, the new CROSSMIRROR® size 0 valve delivers enhanced safety and dependable performance.

The CROSSMIRROR® size 0 valve’s dual precision stainless steel spool and sleeve construction ensures no contact wear, fast response and long service life. Its ability to perform reliably in caustic conditions provides additional value and helps avoid costly downtime.

The valve has a self-contained monitoring system, requires no additional monitoring and is designed for CAT-4 Performance Level e applications (certification pending). Upon detecting a fault due to discordant spool valve action, the valve locks out and remains so until an overt reset signal (electrical solenoid or remote pneumatic) is applied.  This prevents unintentional reset and further bolsters safety. The optional pressure switch provides valuable feedback to the operator regarding whether or not the valve is in “ready-to-run” condition.

The CROSSMIRROR® size 0 valve is base-mounted and can be manifolded together with multiple valves should the application require it. This option saves time and money otherwise spent for additional piping labor and materials. Available in 1/4 and 3/8 port size, the valve can also be used as a 3/2 normally-closed or normally–open valve by plugging the unused outlet port.

Model: CM2



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