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Custom Manufacturing

Bimba | Vaccon

Bimba I Vaccon are proud to offer custom designs and products to meet various application needs. Vaccon is proud to be the only vacuum pump manufacturer willing to design and build custom vacuum products to meet specific application requirements. Our custom manufacturing capabilities and extensive product line, makes Vaccon a one-stop shop for providing total vacuum automation solutions. Also, Bimba offers many services to create or modify an existing design to meet your specific specifications.

Bimba I Vaccon believes in innovation through collaboration. Our entrepreneurial spirit loves a challenge. If it doesn’t defy the laws of physics (and sometimes even if it does), we’ll try just about anything to help a customer find a solution. Whether it’s a one-of-a-kind vacuum pump for a special project, private labeling agreement, a new custom design to be manufactured at high volume, or modification of an existing Vaccon product for specific performance requirements, Bimba I Vaccon will work with you. Contact the Bimba I Vaccon Engineering Teams and we will design a custom solution to meet specific application requirements.



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