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1/2, 752 x 485, VGA Format , B/W Analog Camera

Phase 1 Technology Corp.

VCC-G20E20 is a high-resolution industrial B/W analog camera module utilizing a 1/2-inch TV format CCD. 380K pixels CCD image sensor with on-chip micro-lenses realizes high sensitivity and high resolution.


  • Normal Speed & Double Speed Operation The camera can operate in both normal speed and double speed. (Initial setting: Normal)
  • Sync. System HD/VD External sync., External trigger input. (HD/VD External sync. are automatically recognized.) Add internal jumper resister for HD/VD input 75?? terminal.
  • Long Exposure (Restart-Reset) Long exposure (restart reset system) operation is valid with random VD input (more than 2VD) and HD input.
  • External Trigger Shutter Electronic shutter can be set either by trigger pulse width or by fixed switch. For both shutter settings, reset mode and non-reset mode are available. At reset mode, internal VD is reset after completion of exposure, and the images are output immediately. On the other hand, at non-reset mode, it waits external VD input after completion of exposure so that images can be output at random timing.
  • AGC - 0.45 can be set by camera internal jumper resistance.
  • 29mm Cubic in size Its small size, 29mm cubic, and light weight, 44g, makes it a best match for use in embedded systems for image calibration and microscopic applications.

Model: VCC-G20E20



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