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Genie Nano

Phase 1 Technology Corp.

Weighing 46 ounces and measuring only 29 by 44 by 21 millimeters, the compact Genie Nano has the slimmest body length on the market.  This compact camera is perfect for space restricted applications, but don’t be fooled by its size, it is rugged and packed with features!

What you CAN see:

  • Versatile I/O [say I O], giving you 2 inputs and 2 opto-coupled outputs
  • Secure RJ-45 and Auxilliary Connectors: supports GigE version 1.2 and power-over-internet or plus 10 to plus 36 volts
  • Multi-color LED for easy camera status
  • Rugged housing, withstanding temperatures from minus four to a hundred and forty degrees Fahrenheit, making it reliable in harsh environments
  • Convenient lens C-Mount or CS-Mount front mounting holes, always the same size and in the same position for Genie Series cameras

What you can only EXPERIENCE:

  • SONY’s leading CMOS sensors delivering high resolution images even in low light
  • DALSA’s TurboDrive technology delivering high quality images at frame rates almost 2 times faster beyond GigE limits
  • Trigger-to-Image reliability that protects against data loss
  • Available in monochrome and color models, the Genie Nano gives you powerful system performance in a low cost solution.

The Genie Nano provides a new series of affordable easy to use digital cameras specifically engineered for industrial imaging applications requiring improved network integration.

Genie Nano cameras use the industries’ latest leading sensors such as the Sony Pregius series of global shutter active pixel-type CMOS image sensors.

Genie Nano cameras combine standard gigabit Ethernet technology (supporting GigE Vision 1.2) with the Teledyne DALSA Trigger-to-Image-Reliability framework to dependably capture and transfer images from the camera to the host PC. Genie Nano cameras are available in a number of models implementing different sensors, image resolutions, and feature sets, either in monochrome or color versions.



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