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Progressive Scan, Mono, GigE, SXGA, 30 fps Camera

Phase 1 Technology Corp.

The KP-F140GV is single CCD type camera which utilized the progressive scan CCD image sensor with square pixel for SXGA format of 1/2-inch. By adoption of a Gigabit Ethernet interface, high-speed connection of maximum of 1 Gbps can be possible. Moreover, by using hub or switcher, construction of multiple camera system can be easily performed.


  • High resolution:
    The 1/2-inch 1,450,000 pixels square lattice progressive scan CCD achieve a high resolution and of 1360(H) x 1024(V) (SXGA).
  • Gigabit Ethernet interface:
    High-speed serial interface Gigabit Ethernet supported and direct connection is possible to PC by the diameter cable of thin as compared with parallel output. Cable length can be extended to maximum 100m without hub and switcher.
  • GigE Vision correspondence;
    Based on Industrial camera interface standard GigE Vision, a maximum of 1Gbps high speed data transmit is available and suitable for image processing.
  • CCD drive functions:
    - Auto electronic Shutter mode (AES) Adjusted automatically from 10 second to approx. 1/100,000 second.
    - Variable electronic shutter mode Variable at 1H steps from 10 second to approx. 1/100,000 second.
  • External trigger:
    An external trigger signal input can be used to capture an image at desired timing for instant view or processing. The software trigger via a Gigabit Ethernet cable and the hardware trigger can deal with all trigger signals.

Model: KP-F140GV



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